Sunday, June 15, 2014

hippie day of fun

hey gut. today I went to to the mall to buy new things to the summer
heres my look, hope you'd like it :)
ADVICE: accessories and jelewry is the best way
to make you look prettier
but somethime more is less
dont put to much things on your body :)

dress: abercrombie
accessoriez: TopTen


נועם שקד אוחנה said...

nice :)

הוד קקון said...

She has amazing wearing fashion style

שחר שאלתיאל said...

nice :)

נועה דרגוצקי said...

You're pretty! I really like this look

דניאלה שוטיי said...

nice look

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ! ♥

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