Wednesday, June 4, 2014

PAEZ catalog

hey guys :))
today i got the Paez catalog, its AMAZING
I took some pics with it !!

shoes : PAEZ 
shirt: TDM
shorts: zara

hope youll like it :))


נאוה דרויש said...

כמה שאני אוהבת את הנעליים האלה היא יותר מושלמת מהנעליים!!!!!

ישי said...

אהבתי את הלוק;)

אופיר שמש said...

very nice

נועה דרגוצקי said...

I really like paez shoes and i'm still trying to get them, yours are perfect!

dor yogev said...

wow..... lovely! I really liked the shoes! great blog!

ים said...

Wow i really like it !

koral bokra said...

Wow Kim u are perfect,and the shoes-i like theme so much ! <3

יאנה פיין said...

Best company for shoes but the girl is so perfect!!!

Yahav Shalom said...

like it

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